MoASSP Executive Committee

McKenzie, Teresa


Hill-Haag, Deb


Pritchett, Jim

NASSP State Coordinator

Willich, Corey

Past President

McCormick, Barb


MoASSP Board of Directors

Grisham, Stephanie

At-Large Assistant Principal

Mayes, Shenita - 02

At-Large Inclusion

Lydon, Kate

At-Large Middle Level

Monachino, Joe

At-Large Non-Public

Himes, Bryan

Central Region

Willich, Corey

GKC Region

Craig, Lisa

Northwest Region

Craig, Lisa

Northeast Region

McCallum, Kelle

South Central Region

Boyd Jr., John

Southeast Region

McKenzie, Teresa

Southwest Region

Schultze, jon

SASSP Region

Kern, Jim

Ex Officio Higher Education

Houf, Beth

NASSP Board Member

About the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the Executive Offices of President, President-Elect, NASSP Coordinator, and the Immediate Past President; a representative from each of the eight districts; and four members elected at-large to represent assistant principals, middle-level principals, non-public administrators, and an administrator for inclusion.

The organization comprises eight regions within the state of Missouri aligned with the regions designated by the Missouri State High School Activities Association. These regions are Central, Kansas City, Northeast, Northwest, St. Louis, South Central, Southeast, and Southwest. The Board of Directors has the authority to assign schools to regions.

The affairs of the Association are conducted by the Board of Directors and the Executive Director. The MoASSP office is at 207 Peach Way, Suite 106, Columbia, MO 65203-0045. The Region Representatives on the Board of Directors are elected to two-year terms by the respective regions. The terms of the Region Representatives are staggered, and no individual may serve as a Region Representative for more than a second two-year term from one region or any combination of regions. In the event of a vacancy, the region association shall appoint a member from that region to complete the unexpired term. A Region Representative on the Board of Directors must be employed in the MoASSP Region from which elected.

There are four At-Large Representatives. One of these is a junior high or middle school principal/assistant principal; one is an assistant principal, a third is a building-level administrator of a non-public secondary school, and a fourth is a building-level administrator for inclusion. Eligibility for membership on the Board of Directors as an elected member-at-large ceases if at any time during the term, the member ceases to be employed in the position represented. No representative may serve for more than a second two-year term. In the event of a vacancy during a term, the President, in consultation with the Nominating Committee and with the approval of the Board, shall appoint a member to fill the position until the next business meeting. At this time, the membership will elect a new representative.