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Membership Information

The Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals is committed to the ongoing improvement of secondary education.  Pursuing this commitment involves MoASSP in activities such as:

  • providing information and leadership;
  • encouraging research and service;
  • promoting high professional standards;
  • focusing attention on education in the state;
  • and working with other professional organizations to constantly improve secondary schools for the youth they serve.
  • Become a leader in your professional association.
  • Join a statewide network of secondary, middle-level, and central office administrators.
  • Gain valuable, professional development opportunities.
  • Make an investment in your career today.

MoASSP is the only Association in Missouri serving the professional needs of principals and assistant principals of the state’s middle-level and high schools with programs designed by secondary school administrators for secondary school administrators. MoASSP serves as a true proponent for the principalship by providing a voice for secondary school administrators where educational decisions are made. MoASSP members guide and direct the efforts of its officers, staff, and representatives in a manner conducive to the maintenance and improvement of the professional position of the principalship.

Members are the lifeblood of MoASSP and are a source of leadership.  MoASSP members are a testament to the success of your professional organization.  The belief and support of what we do as a professional association of middle-level and high school principals and assistant principals is strong in Missouri.  In this period of economic uncertainty, your support matters to MoASSP as we are involved in many areas of Missouri education with an emphasis on state laws and administrative policies, member legal advocacy, and professional development.  The strategies demanded from this are deliberate and effective.

Over 80% of MoASSP memberships are paid by the school districts. If your dues are not paid talk with your central office personnel about making your professional dues a benefit of your employment.

The MoASSP Board and staff are committed to working hard to continue to improve member benefits and services. A thriving membership does not just happen; it requires good planning and year-round attention.  We need your help.  Encourage others to JOIN MoASSP!

Membership Levels

Active Membership ($315) – open to all persons engaged in practicing (principal, associate principal, assistant principal, dean) secondary school administration and includes participation at the state and regional levels.

School District  Membership – a 10% discount is applied for state level membership when 100% of secondary school administrators become Active Members from a school district.  Click here to apply.  The deadline for the discount is August 31st.

Aspiring/Student Membership ($35) – open to graduate students in college and university secondary school administration programs and those who have completed such programs but are not active administrators.

Associate Membership ($84) – open to all professionally affiliated individuals in education who are not currently practicing principals.

Retired Administrators ($35) – open to former individual active members who have retired.

Lifetime Retired Membership ($116) – one-time fee for retired principals.

Membership Duration

MoASSP Membership Dues 2024-2025

Being a not-for-profit professional organization can be challenging even in the best of times, so you can imagine what lies before us.  The foundation of the MoASSP operating budget is based on membership dues revenue and registration fees from professional development activities.

Effective September 1, 2023 MoASSP dues will be $315 and will be good for one calendar year from the date of purchase.  (Membership dues paid during an active membership period will be applied to extend the membership for an additional calendar year from the previous expiration date.) Please note: All membership dues effective starting in the 2023-2024 membership cycle will be assessed a 3% convenience fee for those paying by credit card.

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